You decided to make a more active lifestyle change for the next year, congratulations! It’s not easy but hopefully some of the below tips on sticking to your new me, new year diet and exercise program can help you meet your fitness goals!

Set achievable, small goals

One of the biggest problems you may encounter with your new exercise and diet regimen is feeling overwhelmed! Don’t put too much on your plate!

Set realistic goals for yourself. If you know your work schedule may not allow you to hit the gym or do as much cardio/activity as you may have been able to do during a long break, make adjustments to your training schedule. It’s always okay to switch up your training schedule to make it accessible to you.

Make a plan

“If you don’t plan ahead, you are planning to fail.” In order to be as successful as possible in your new regimen, create a plan! Think about a house, before it’s built a blueprint is created – your workout regimen for your body is no different. You can’t just start placing a brick here and a wall there without a plan or you’ll end up with an incomplete house.

Hold yourself accountable

Don’t make excuses for yourself! You are only hurting your progress. Hold yourself accountable for missed days or an abundance of greasy foods.

Set up a Reward or Punishment system. Whether that’s rewarding yourself for your consistency for a week of physical activity with that chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing 🍰 – or a punishment of not being able to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix unless you do some type of physical activity (such as cardio or weight training).

*remember that activity can be done in small bouts – you do not need to spend hours in the gym, but a 10-minute walk around the block is still better than no activity!*


Create a support system

Friends and family can be both helpful or detrimental to a new training program. One of the most important things for your success in a new program is having support from the people you spend the most time with. Be sure that you are able to spend time with people who reinforce how important it is to be healthy and celebrate your new active lifestyle. You might even get a new training partner out of it.



In the end, remember that while consistency is key you should always listen to your body. If you’re having aches or pains that you think may be related to injury or sickness, take a day off. Exercising in those states could make the problems worse and could send you on the train 🚂 to Injury-Ville where you physically won’t be able to be active.


Check out ChooseMyPlate for ideas and tips on how to structure a new diet or any of my food related posts for additional ideas.


I wish you all the best for 2019! Happy New Year!